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Clients - 2010-Present*

Danya International, Inc., Silver Springs, MD
ESI-DC, Inc., Bethesda, MD
The Lewin Group, Falls Church, VA
LUX Consulting Group, Inc., Silver Springs, MD

Strategic Performance, LLC - Cincinnati, OH

F2 Solutions, Inc.. - Largo, MD

Wonder & Wisdom - Greensboro, VT

Management Solutions Consulting Group, Inc., Lanham, MD
Strategic Performance Systems, LLC, Cincinnati, OH
Lorain County Community College, Elyria, OH

Clients - Pre-2010*

Cincinnati Community Action Agency - Cincinnati, OH

Running Start - Cold Springs, KY

Center for Peace Education - Cincinnati, OH

Southeast Ohio Special Education Resource Center - Cincinnati, OH

GE Aircraft Engines - Evendale, OH

*Partial listing


An applied/cultural anthropologist (MA, Anthropology, 2001), Wilson has consulted to Fortune 100/500 corporations and public sector agencies over the course of more than twenty-five years. An experienced freelance writer, staff development professional, and program analyst, she has also scored federal (Department of Health and Human Services) grant applications, and participated in scores of field reviews of federal and state child development programs (nationwide).

This organizational development work is influenced by Wilson's applied anthropology background and her frequent wanderings off the beaten path. Lesson learned during visits into communities throughout the continental United States, numerous American Indian reservations, and her journeys into rural and urban communities of South America, Europe, and the Middle East continue to inform her work and expand her capacity to image possibilities.

Her consulting history includes years of original instructional design and training program services delivered in support of each client organization's capacity to exceed federal/state/local mandates. Training topics reflect her flexibility across a wide range of organizational change and compliance topics  and client groups (e.g, Technical Data Export Licensing Compliance, Conflict Management Skills and Strategies, Inclusive Education, and Global Communications).Additionally, she has served as a planning consultant to three school systems during a multi-year Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities project.

In 2015, Wilson engaged in an initial collaboration with Strategic Performance Systems, a Cincinnati-based professional development consultancy,  Wilson co-facilitation (April 2015) a 2-day public conference attended by more than thirty HR professionals from various agencies/companies in Columbus, Ohio. During 2016 and 2017, Wilson participated as a panelist during multiple Department of Health and Human Services Head Start/Early Head Start grant application competitions.

One current project is nearing completion. It's Wilson's revision of
Congress Whispers, Reservation Nations Endure (nonfiction eBook), which will soon be available in eBook, paperback, and hardback formats.

B. L. Wilson Associates, LLC, was established as a limited liability corporation in the State of Ohio in 2004. Associates include one editing professional, a fiscal program reviewer, an attorney with extensive HR experience, federal policy analysts, proofreaders, one college instructor, an IT specialist, and one graphic artist.