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This research-based micro business delivers a unique complement of organizational development services. The founder--an applied anthropologist/writer--collaborates with client staff to advance the pace at which their organization achieves its most challenging goal. On-site services begin with a review of existent organizational strategies for goal attainment. BLW&A collaborates with talented associates--writers, editors, artists, human resource specialists, and legal scholars--as needed, to assure high quality project results. Projects typically include a focus on statutory/regulatory compliance practices and outcomes. Methods include process analysis, goals/objectives updating, survey development/analysis, technical writing, and presentations. BLW&A publications include corporate training program manuals, DVDs, and, most recently, books/eBooks of interest to academics and the general public. 

After more than ten years of archival research, BLW&A's founder published a book that explores a century's worth of congressional lawmaking. This book focuses on a single genre of U.S. Public Law: those laws specific to American Indian tribes.
     Still, this set of laws, all enacted between 1885 and 1990, affected all Americans. Indeed, these laws facilitated the emergence of several western states. They remain the basis of ongoing discussions about natural resources and human conditions--they frame discussions about land and water rights, law enforcement on and around reservations, and tribal access to health care. They also surface in discussions of the unparalleled levels of U.S. military service that is performed by members of tribal communities, and the ongoing challenges to the day-to-day personal liberties of Americans who are members of American Indian tribes.
     What began as a first edition eBook in 2012 has now evolved into a second edition, published in March of 2018.  Now available in paperback--on Amazon--this second edition will soon also be available in eBook format.  

Congress Whispers, Reservations Endure: A Century of Public Acts of Aggression, Confusion, & Resolution

In March of 2018, the second edition of Congress Whispers, Reservation Nations Endure became available in paperback. The second edition eBook is coming soon.

"Wilson examines 39 ... [Public Laws] ... Her deep research and understanding of them shows in her crisp, intelligent commentary. The book is enhanced by many photos.  This book is a gift to American history. It should be on the nightstand of every reader of American history. It should be in every library, every school, college and university in America."

 - Mo Colan

Conlan was for many years books editor at the Cincinnati Post, a Scripps Howard daily newspaper. 

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"It's 2018 ... are you ready to exceed your organization's most elusive goals?"

transparent, multidisciplinary strategies, combined with relevant inquiry and research experience can reveal
the difference between "almost" and "actual" goal achievement. BLW&A's light footprint and actions can speed this process along.