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This first edition eBook is currently in revision. The Second Edition eBook will soon be available.

This topic's Second Edition paperback is now available through Amazon. 

Meanwhile, the first edition eBook of this historic, photo-rich collection of Public Laws, a compendium of legislation enacted between 1885 and 1990, is still available on the following website: 


Congress Whispers, Reservation Nations Endure a Century of Public Acts of Aggression, Confusion, and Resolution

Congress Whispers, Reservation Nations Endure™ samples a unique body of laws which rest in near silence within the shadowy margins of all other U.S. public law. The reason is simple. It is public law specific in its direct application to just one group of Americans: members of American Indian tribes. As such, it applies most directly to less than 1.5% of our nation’s total citizenry, while affecting all other Americans in less obvious ways. These tribe-focused public laws continue to frame New Millennium relationships between American Indian tribes and their state and federal counterparts.  

Congress Whispers, Reservation Nations Endure™ presents a legislative sample for both students and American History buffs to explore. Each piece of legislation it includes was enacted by Congress between 1885 and 1990. Actual transcripts of these laws, and samples of Senate and House discussions which preceded enactment, appear in order of the timeline of chapters. This collection offers a civics lesson, as it reveals the time-honored pageantry of congressional proceedings through these public laws which are foundational to the development of several western states, many of the nation’s most beloved national parks, and the parameters of many of today’s American Indian reservations. This legislative set shows part of the legacy of a handful of calls for votes cast by congressional legislators, shows key outcomes of their time-scattered, and long-forgotten, congressional yeas and nays. The votes cast on little more than thirty days of congressional law-making left an indelible mark upon the American psyche—and the American landscape.

Congress Whispers, Reservation Nations Endure™ also offers a surprising measure of hope. This collection hints at a prevailing decency within Congress, a characteristic demonstrated during this century long timeline, as Congress demonstrated its capacity to learn from the mistakes of its past, through congressional processes of inquiry, and then take action to legislate meaningful corrective actions.