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Many Roads Taken: Real Stories About Life-Changing Days

Published by BLW&A in 2011, this paperback is the result of an informal collaboration between BLW&A, the Monday Morning Writers Group (Cincinnati-based group, open to the public), and the Losantiville Society of Writers, a spin-off of the Monday Morning Writers GroupThis collection of thirty-two short stories (short prose selections authored by nineteen individual writers) is now available through the Outskirts Press website. 

This book is about days that start out feeling quite ordinary, but then burst forth into something quite unexpected. Unforgettable days, such as the day one venomous snake highlighted a most precious partnership, or the day a chance encounter in Africa unraveled mysteries of the human spirit, or the day a child’s remembered sorrow became the essence of one father’s strength. These stories, each one a reflection upon its writer's own life experience, bring inspirational characters and their admirable deeds to light.

Some of its stories might leave readers wondering about shining knights of the sort who wear sweater vests, or disappointments which lead to life-long friendships, or childhood joys which forever cling to the heart. Others explore ways success can shake loose during times of fateful struggle, or serve up humorous tales that romp through memories of shopping trips, eggplants at the dinner table, hidden address books, parades, handy ropes and pulleys, and snoozing pets.

The flashes of real-life courage, insight, and personal triumph featured in this collection surfaced during times of conflict and times of contentment. The characters here celebrated drew much strength from the embrace of family, friends, and even strangers, and were often inspired during moments of personal peace, such as those one might find while gazing into the glow of a full moon, or listening to a rumbling drumbeat sounded only on the Fourth of July.